Località Fiocazzola 1/B, Desenzano del Garda (Brescia) 25015
Phone: +39 030 9103610 - e-mail:
The Winery name comes from the term “One piò”, a measurement used by local farmers within the Brescia Province of Northern Italy. One piò represents “1/3 of a hectare”, dimension of the Winery itself, that combines modern architectonic lines to the farm life tradition. The owner is Ilaria Accordini, wine producer and a businesswoman with an incredible passion for wine that has developed management techniques thanks to years of international trips. The Winery produces wine in two micro zones that are Lugana and Valpolicella Classica. Its philosophy is based on different factors coordinated amongst themselves as the choice of the best vine plants and the gentle care of the vineyard, the delicate harvest by hand, but also patient drying of the grapes and the elegant wine aging in french barroques. Finally the bottling of the final product represents the perfect combination between colors and tradition perfumes and the exclusive packaging.