Monte Faustino

Via Bure Alto 1 - 37029 S.Pietro in Cariano (VR)
Telefono: +39 045 7701651 -
In Monte Faustino, where the first grapes produced by the family Fornaser were harvested at the beginning of the twentieth century, you can enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the wine maker and take part in tastings with genuine gastronomy in our antique cellar, which was aforetime the house of the family. In this place, which was restored in accordance with the local farming history, you can admire tools and vintage objects, which have been collected with a philological order, as it happens into a real museum with an elegant and convivial atmosphere. Tasting the wine with home-made dishes is the best way to appreciate the tradition of a territory. As customs, culture and flavours fuse into a sensory overload and unbelievable experience. The new cellar of the family Fornaser combines the most recent oenological technologies with the traditional knowledge of the wine-grower, who was prized with the Certificate of Merit of Fiera Cavalli in Verona (1924). The winery, where you will find the whole production process, is situated in Bure Alto, in the municipal district of San Pietro in Cariano, at the foot of Monte Faustino, which gives its name to the most ancient vineyard of the family. From the drying area of the grapes to the wine making, from the casks to the bottling room, in the modern facility you will find all phases of the production done with the same passion that was started many years ago.